CNPC holds proven reserves of 3.7 billion barrels (590,000,000 m3) of oil equivalent and 30 international exploration and production projects with operations in Azerbaijan, Canada, Iran, Indonesia, Myanmar, Oman, Peru, Sudan, Niger, Thailand, Turkmenistan, and Venezuela.


During 2003–2013, 1,189 oil and gas extraction industry employees died while working, resulting in an average of 108 deaths per year in US. It is vital to protect these people and to prevent the accidents from happening. A system to detect potential risks in the field and the control of emergency aid equipment are required.


Metashare developed a suite of platforms for HSE system, including a management platform, website and an APP. HSE management platform is the database which stores personnel health information, health profile, the history of accidents, etc. Everyone has the access to view the information, but only the managers can add, edit and delete the data.The system will automatically notify the environment changes in the field and to alert field technicians to take action ahead.


HSE system plays a huge role as the safety monitor in the field and is now considered the official PR access of the Technician Department of CNPC.