Sanjel eService Application

Sanjel Energy Services is the industry leading energy services company providing primary and remedial cementing solutions throughout the entire Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin


As the one of the world biggest oil service companies, Sanjel has clients and wells all over Canada. The problem is that in the field, because of the extreme environment, there is no reliable network signal and they have to deal with data consistency and concurrency at the same time. So what they need is an off-line system to control labors and vehicles in the field, at the same time, handle the consistency of data.


The EService application system we developed is a Windows application running on both desktop/notebook. It works online and offline both. When its offline, it's a management system for manager to make the best use of labor and vehicles based on the exact project. The users include dispatchers, field supervisors and field managers; When its back online, the data will be automatically updated in the system to make sure its properly saved.


The EService application system provides off-line services which greatly boost the efficiency in the field. It allows the manager to have full control of the resources, to coordinate and dispatch, making sure the project is not behind schedule.