Empowering Petroleum Industry Softwares

Petroleum Industry could be really unique. Their work in the field could be labor-intensive and somehow seasonal. Metashare helps oil company and oil service company to create comprehensive cross-platform solutions to greatly reduce the labor costs both in administration and in the field .

Our customized solutions

HSE System

Metashare customized a platform to help field technicians to monitor the safety of employee and property. People in the field will be notified the potential dangers so they can take action immediately. The platform greatly empowered the control over safety and equipments and also boosts the efficiency in the field.

Data Management System

Metashare's data management system solves the problem of data concurrency and consistency . It guarantees the safe and solid data gathering, transition and storage in the field. This system is now considered the database to support future business decision making.

OFFICE Automation OA system

MetaShare helps to simplify the workflow and achieve office automation of oil business. Now the management cost is decreased dramatically and leads to quick respond of office work.